AudaCity Capital has a world-renowned reputation for funding and backing profitable traders, we have always considered ourselves to be at the cutting edge of our industry.


 We trade on all major asset classes on multiple exchanges with our own capital, and do not handle any client’s funds or have any customers. By becoming a member of the team, you become part of our success. We are market leaders because we have always had an internal vision to promote a strong entrepreneurial working culture.



As a principal trading firm, we trade for our own account only. We do not have clients, nor do we provide any investment services or ancillary services to others. Our strategies are designed to use information that is publicly available and we use fairly simple, non-controversial and transparent order types. We are a strong supporter of fair, transparent and orderly markets.



As part of our commitment to humanity, we ensure all our operations are environmentally friendly. We invest a lot in educating students and people about the financial market and trying to correct any myths.

Since 2012, we backed traders in over 120 countries and we continue to grow.

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Diversity is strength when it comes to trading, we welcome traders from any walk of life, it’s proven that a mix of backgrounds, experiences and points of view enriches performance.

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We share knowledge, our traders keep their eyes and ears open at all times, looking for profitable opportunities, patents, market news, and trends. That’s how we work strategically to make profit.

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Long Term

As a firm, we’re relentlessly focused on developing a long term relation with our traders by providing them with best environment to prosper and perform.

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We treat all people with respect and kindness. That’s how positive long term relationships are built and mutual trust is made.


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%Funded forex Trader Program%
%Funded forex Trader Program%

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Our independence and expertise mean we are well placed to be a source of expert and impartial analysis for the media.

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