Stories of people inspired by AudaCity Capital to change their life through trading.

Traders stories from around the world.

Dr. Emmanuel Ededet Esssien / Nigeria

My name is Dr. Emmanuel Ededet Esssien from Nigeria. I did well in my studies and managed to study medicine in Ukraine. I am now a qualified medical doctor already licensed by the General medical practitioner in Nigeria. On top of that, I am also an art curator, fine...


1. Can You Introduce Yourself? I am Yulffi, a twenty-seven-year-old professional model and forex trader based in Barcelona. In college, I undertook a Business and Management course before graduating with a degree in the same area. But due to unavoidable circumstances,...

A Letter from John, One of Our Hidden Talents Program Graduates

Hi, my name is John, and I will turn 25 tomorrow. Looking back at the last two years of my life is a bit surreal. A lot has changed since I joined the Audacity Capital Hidden Talents Program. I have always had a major drive to succeed and do something meaningful in my...