Audacity Capital Is Your Forex Proprietary Trading Firm

How to Join Audacity Capital’s Proprietary Trading Firm

We have a world-renowned reputation for funding and backing profitable traders.

If you have the talent and know how, we will provide you with the necessary funding, shaping your future.

In Audacity Capital proprietary trading firm, we offer all traders an opportunity to trade at the comfort of their homes and get access to funding in a few easy steps.

We have made the signup process effortless and straightforward so that all traders can join the platform conveniently.

Here are all the necessary steps you will need to follow to become an Audacity Capital member;

How to apply

%Funded forex Trader Program%


You apply for the Program by filling up the form, we will ask some questions about your trading experience and strategy. you can apply here.

%Funded forex Trader Program%


We invite you for a face to face interview in our trading floor if you are based in London or phone interview to find out more about your trading experience.

%Funded forex Trader Program%


Within 24 h you’ll get the results if you are approved, we send you the contract to sort out the paper work, we send you account details , we credit for you the account, et Voila will be ready to start trading .

What we offer

%Funded forex Trader Program%

Fully Funded Account

Start Trading our Capital, if you get approved you start trading live from day one.

%Funded forex Trader Program%

 50/50 Profit Split

We understand trading is tough, we share profits 50/50 fairly.

%Funded forex Trader Program%

Fast Growing

We double the size of the trading account every time you reach a 10% target.

%Funded forex Trader Program%

No Loss Liability

You have 10% Drawdown and you’re not liable to losses.

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Firm awards

%Funded forex Trader Program%
%Funded forex Trader Program%
%Funded forex Trader Program%

What Is A Forex Proprietary Trading Firm?

proprietary forex trading firm audacity capital

Many traders have either heard of the forex proprietary trading firm or forex funding trader program but are confused with the two terms.

They are like the same thing, and their purpose is to fund traders with the right amount of capital. This allows traders to have enough leverage to use for trading.

The proprietary firm typically uses its capital to create profits. It does this by hiring a prop trader who operates as the company’s contractor.

When he makes profits, he will receive a certain percentage, and the prop company will take the rest depending on the agreement.

The proprietary firm can invest in various things in the market, including forex, stocks, bonds, commodities, and derivatives.

This means that you can join a prop firm and choose any field depending on your experience and expertise.

Here in Audacity Capital, we are your proprietary firm where you can learn and improve your forex trading performance.

Traders stories from around the world.

We’re Guessing You Like Forex Trading So..

Join 5000+ Happy Traders around the world.

We fund all your trades offering a 50-50% profit split, with 10% drawdown and you’re not liable to loses.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A FX Prop Firm To Trade

forex-trading prop firm forex audacity capital

One thing that we usually advise traders to do is to choose carefully the proprietary trading firm they want to use.

This is because different trading firms have rules and regulations that you must adhere to. The truth is that not all of them will align with your needs and goals.

As a company offering remote funded trader services, we are not saying you should pick us.

But we find it crucial to explain to all traders the necessary details they should look at before selecting any prop firm.

Here are a few points we have looked at in-depth to help you choose the best proprietary trading firm:

The Reputation of the Proprietary Firms Funded Program

This should be among the first thing to look at. You can ask yourself a few questions:

What are traders saying about the prop firm? How are their services? And how long has the firm been in existence? These few questions will help you know which firm is the most suitable.

Apart from that, you can check its ratings or use popular platforms like TrustPilot and YouTube to know the truth about the Proprietary firm you want to join.

Proprietary Trading Account Restrictions

While some prop companies may have a good reputation, their account restrictions may be on another level. It is important to consider and determine if the restrictions match your trading strategies.

If not, you can find possible ways to put up with the company’s restrictions or look for a more flexible trading account.

Check Prop Firm’s Growth Plan

Another thing we find to be important is the growth plan. Many prop firms with a steady growth plan offer traders an opportunity to expand their accounts and earn more profits.

By considering this factor when selecting a proprietary trading company, you will be able to scale your earnings in the future.

The Funded Program Expectations

Every proprietary trading program expects something from its traders. This may vary depending on the amount they are funding you, among many other things.

It is crucial to look at this to know if you can keep up with its demands and expectations.

We recommend you pay attention to the prop firm profit margin and after how long they expect you to have made the profit.

Participation Cost Required To Join The Prop Trading Firm

If you have never used a prop firm before, check the participation cost required, including other hidden charges.

Note that the participation cost varies between different companies, but it should not be the main factor in your decision-making process.

Compare the fees to the restrictions sets and understand why the fees may be high or low.

Why Should You Use Audacity Capital Prop Firm To Trade?

Traders who join our proprietary trading firm (Audacity Capital) enjoy plenty of benefits, the popular one being getting access to trading funds.

Below we shall highlight all the advantages you will enjoy while using a prop firm:

Huge Capital To Trade

More capital is among the best advantages of joining a proprietary trading firm. In Audacity Capital, we are not an exception.

We provide our traders with up to $500,000 trading capital. Those who stay consistent with their trading end up making more profits in the long run.

We also use a very different strategy when it comes to trading. Unlike most trading firms that operate with a demo account, in Audacity Capital, we allow traders to use real money from their first day. We believe that demos do not add real value to the company.

This should also explain why our proprietary trading company does not accept all traders.

The interview process ensures we choose the best and experienced traders.

The good news is that you get a 50% profit, and your account is doubled as you progress.


Our good reputation mainly comes from the way we split profits with our prop traders. We do not advocate conflicts with traders, which helps promote financial satisfaction among all traders who use Audacity Capital.

72% of all Audacity Capital traders are happy as they get what is promised, a 50 – 50% split with our company. We ensure that traders also make money as we make money.

Low Participation Fee In The FX Prop Firm

We also give you an opportunity to join our platform at an affordable participation fee and make profits. The cost is low as compared to trading with a private broker.

Better Forex Trading Support

If you are open to learning your trading mistakes, then Audacity Capital has got you covered. It allows you to interact with other professional traders and learn a lot from them.

Our team has developed a community app that can be quickly downloaded from the play store to bring like-minded traders together.

This allows everyone to benefit from new strategies and extensive trading knowledge from other professional traders.

We also provide educational webinars to help you to improve your trading skills.

Flexibility In Your Trading Decisions

Audacity Capital was created in 2012 and has spread to more than 40 countries.

This means that traders from these countries can enjoy making money at home in a risk-free way while using our unique proprietary firm.

Besides, our company provides improved results to all our users, which can be proven by several traders who have used Audacity Capital.

Improved Trading Conditions

Having a conducive trading environment is one of the essential things all traders should consider.

Luckily, Audacity Capital traders can enjoy this advantage because our firm uses institutional liquid providers and not retail brokers.

This allows our traders to enjoy deep liquidity in the market. Audacity Capital is also a fast-growing company, and due to that, we always double all trading accounts once they reach a target of 10%.

We also do not delay payments for traders.

Liability with Trading Losses

Usually, we do not ask traders about their losses as we understand it is common in forex trading.

But we typically encourage our traders to try and make profits to have their accounts doubled in size, which helps them make more profits.

Would You Like To Appear In The Trading News?

Many of our traders in the Funded Forex Trader Program are very succesful.

So much so, that they’ve been interviewed in the news about it!

Would you like to be the next one?

Join our Funded Trader Program and start you Forex Trading success using our capital!

We offer a 50-50% profit split, with 10% drawdown and you’re not liable to loses.

How Do You Get Started As A Prop FX Trader?

From the above text, you can easily tell that Audacity Capital accommodates talented and professional forex traders.

But most importantly, you need to ensure you have a fast computer and a reliable internet connection before joining our proprietary trading firm.

This is because you will be required to take a qualification test, which mostly entails explaining your skills, targets, risk strategies, among many other things.

In simple terms, this is what we expect you to do to join Audacity Capital successfully:

%Funded forex Trader Program%


You apply for the Program by filling up the form, we will ask some questions about your trading experience and strategy. you can apply here.

%Funded forex Trader Program%


We invite you for a face to face interview in our trading floor if you are based in London or phone interview to find out more about your trading experience.

%Funded forex Trader Program%


Within 24 h you’ll get the results if you are approved, we send you the contract to sort out the paper work, we send you account details , we credit for you the account, et Voila will be ready to start trading .

Join Like minded Traders and be part of an exclusive network now for FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Funded Trader Program

We always identify common questions that our clients ask us about forex funded trader programs. Here some of the most common ones:

Which is the Forex Proprietary Firm right now?

As a forex prop firm, we don’t want to simply say we have the best funded trader program. That’s why we’ve explained what we offer, as well as what factors to consider when looking for one.

We recommend that you look at this factors and compare all the remote prop firms to see which ones suits you better!

What’s the initial account size?
If you are accepted into the programme we allocate for you 15.000$ of company funds to start trading.
Which financial asset can be traded?
You are allowed to trade major and cross currency pairs, no commodities or indices at least at early stages.
Are overnight positions allowed?
You are allowed to keep trades open overnight but not over the weekend. All exposure must be closed on Fridays at 6pm GMT unless the Risk Management Team approves your request to keep the position open for the weekend.
Is news trading allowed?
You are not allowed to have positions open during major news events. As per major news events we refer only to NFP, FOMC, interest rate decisions and central banks speeches.
Is there any challenge or test to pass before getting a real account?
We do not believe in demo trials or challenges, if your interview is successful and you are accepted you start with a 15.000$ live account straight away.
What’s the maximum account size a trader can get?
We double the size of the account every time you reach the 10% target up to a maximum of half million $.
How often profits are split?

We do not operate with timeframes as we don’t want to put pressure on our traders, as soon as you hit the 10% target we share profits with you and double your account on the same day, please note we aren’t working on weekends.

What’s the maximum drawdown?
The drawdown is 10% on the initial account balance, and is fixed not trailing.It is quite unlikely for you to hit the drawdown if you respect our risk parameters, although in case that happen you’re not liable for losses.
Is it worth becoming a funded trader?

Funded trading comes with several benefits, and the best part is that you get to trade with more capital and make better profits.

Why should you join our Funded Trader Program?

-Fully funded trading account.

-Big profits 50-50 % profit split.

-Mobile International Trading.

-You’re not liable to losses.

-10% Drawdown.

-Robust Technology and Deep Institutional Liquidity.