AudaCity Capital has a world-renowned reputation for funding and backing profitable traders. If you have the talent and know how, we will provide you with the necessary funding, shaping your future. If you are a successful trader, ambitious with proven trading strategy who is looking to move to the next level, then our Funded Trader Program is exactly what you’re looking for!

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%Funded forex Trader Program%


In today’s economic uncertainty, we understand fully that a career in Trading with banks and financial institutions are few and far between. We truly believe that the next generation of superstars in this field will come from the retail environment. And they’re going to be people just like you!



As People’s Firm, we invest in people. we are looking for like-minded, talented individuals, seeking to grow their skills and enhance our
trading performance with our proven team of professionals.

%Funded forex Trader Program%
%Funded forex Trader Program%

Fully Funded Account

Start Trading our Capital, if you get approved you start trading live from day one.

%Funded forex Trader Program%

 50/50 Profit Split

We understand trading is tough, we share profits 50/50 fairly.

%Funded forex Trader Program%

Fast Growing

We double the size of the trading account every time you reach a 10% target.

%Funded forex Trader Program%

No Loss Liability

You have 10% Drawdown and you’re not liable to losses.

Join 5000+ Happy Traders around the world.

Why you should join our Traders Team?


-Fully funded trading account.

-Big profits 50-50 % profit split.

-Mobile International Trading.

-You’re not liable to losses.

-10% Drawdown.

-Robust Technology and Deep Institutional Liquidity.

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%Funded forex Trader Program%


You apply for the Program by filling up the form, we will ask some questions about your trading experience and strategy. you can apply here.

%Funded forex Trader Program%


We invite you for a face to face interview in our trading floor if you are based in London or phone interview to find out more about your trading experience.

%Funded forex Trader Program%


Within 24 h you’ll get the results if you are approved, we send you the contract to sort out the paper work, we send you account details , we credit for you the account, et Voila will be ready to start trading .

Traders stories from around the world.

Join Like minded Traders and be part of an exclusive network now for FREE.


%Funded forex Trader Program%
%Funded forex Trader Program%
%Funded forex Trader Program%

Frequently Asked Questions.

Which financial asset can be traded?
You are allowed to trade major and cross currency pairs, no commodities or indices at least at early stages.
Are overnight positions allowed?
You are allowed to keep trades open overnight but not over the weekend. All exposure must be closed on Fridays at 6pm GMT unless the Risk Management Team approves your request to keep the position open for the weekend.
Is news trading allowed?
You are not allowed to have positions open during major news events. As per major news events we refer only to NFP, FOMC, interest rate decisions and central banks speeches.
Is there any challenge or test to pass before getting a real account?
We do not believe in demo trials or challenges, if your interview is successful and you are accepted you start with a 15.000$ live account straight away.
What’s the initial account size?
If you are accepted into the programme we allocate for you 15.000$ of company funds to start trading.
What’s the maximum account size a trader can get?
We double the size of the account every time you reach the 10% target up to a maximum of half million $.
How often profits are split?

We do not operate with timeframes as we don’t want to put pressure on our traders, as soon as you hit the 10% target we share profits with you and double your account on the same day, please note we aren’t working on weekends.

What’s the maximum drawdown?
The drawdown is 10% on the initial account balance, and is fixed not trailing.It is quite unlikely for you to hit the drawdown if you respect our risk parameters, although in case that happen you’re not liable for losses.


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