AudaCity Capital has a world-renowned reputation for funding and backing profitable traders. If you have the talent and know how, we will provide you with the necessary funding, shaping your future. If you are a successful trader, ambitious with proven trading strategy who is looking to move to the next level, then our Funded Trader Program is exactly what you’re looking for!



In today’s economic uncertainty, we understand fully that a career in Trading with banks and financial institutions are few and far between. We truly believe that the next generation of superstars in this field will come from the retail environment. And they’re going to be people just like you!



As People’s Firm, we invest in people. we are looking for like-minded, talented individuals, seeking to grow their skills and enhance our
trading performance with our proven team of professionals.

“Our aim is to attract and retain the best traders in the industry, helping our traders to realise their full potential and achieve financial success and satisfaction”.


Initial Capital Trading Account.

 50/50 Profit Split

We understand trading is tough, we share profits 50/50 fairly.

Fast Growing

We double the size of the trading account every time you reach a 10% target.

“I’ve joined AudaCity Capital 3 months ago and I doubled my account 2 times so far – I cashed out the profits the same day. I’m looking forward to a long term relationship with AudaCity Capital”.

George W.

Full Time Trader, (currently managing 40K)

“What I like about AudaCity Capital is they’re traders like myself, they understand my needs to achieve good returns, I really like their deep liquidity and fast executions, and tight spreads. I wish I would have such good institutional service for my own personnel trading account!”

Ian W.

Full Time Trader, (currently managing 160K)

Become A Funded Trader

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