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Empower your trading with a partnership built on transparency, respect, and fairness.

Audacity Capital is a world-renowned Proprietary trading firm. Since 2012, we have backed traders in over 140 countries. We have gained a formidable reputation for funding traders who show potential in Forex trading, guiding and supporting them to better monetize their talent. As a people’s firm, we are focused on developing a long-term relationship with our traders by providing them with the best environment to prosper and perform.

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Traders who join Audacity Capital enjoy plenty of benefits, the popular one of which is getting direct access to trading funds. Below, we highlight all the advantages you will receive when trading with us:

Why choose us?

  • As an exclusive prop firm, we provide our traders with up to $2,000,000. We also offer a fast-scaling plan by doubling the size of the trading account once the trader hits the 10% target.

  • Our reputation comes from valuing trust and fairness. You can earn up to 85% profit share to promote financial satisfaction and secure your knowledge that we are truly invested in your success.

  • Join the Trader Dashboard to engage and take advantage of our offerings. Access various trading resources and reach out to our dedicated support team.

  • We believe in a fair process and meaningful trading, so you will have the flexibility to make money anywhere around the world at any given time. We do not limit our traders to deadlines and we use an institutional liquidity provider where you can benefit from tight spreads and no fees on commissions or swaps.

  • We provide a 10% absolute drawdown, which does not trail the trader’s profits. Within this limit, you are not liable for any losses. Therefore, you won’t owe the company any money.


Here at AudaCity Capital, we take pride in giving our traders a platform to reach their full potential and success. Each trader who is a part of our team has allowed our company to grow and become one best in the industry, and we thank you.

This is why we are proud to accept two awards from The International Investor; Excellence in Trading Innovation and Excellence in Professional Trading. The awards signify all the hard work, achievement and growth that our traders and team have brought to us.

Our aim has always been to provide people with the resources they need to reach success, and this will continue to be our goal throughout the future. This is why we accept the awards from The International Investor with pride, knowing we are helping traders from all over the world.

Thank you for choosing us and helping us achieve this.

Why you should join our Funded Trader Program?
  • Live environment trading account
  • Generous profit share up to 80%
  • Mobile International Trading
  • You’re not liable to losses
  • 10% Drawdown
  • Robust Technology and Deep Institutional Liquidity
Trading on a funded account is different from trading on a personal account. I had to adapt my strategy and disconnect my emotions because the conditions are different.
Monir — India
There are many advantages that come with working with Audacity. One that comes to mind immediately is the fact that I am much more responsible with the funds that I am managing. Because I know that the funds don’t belong to me and they belong to Audacity and I want to give the best performance possible.
Megiliano — Greece
I was looking to get funded and did my research into prop trading firms. I chose Audacity Capital because they provided real money straight away, and I was right to choose them because I was able to hit my target and withdraw my profits in a few months.
Marcin — Poland
From a really young age, I would get really angry and break my control and blow accounts. But this changed in the past 2 years when I put myself in the right frame of mind and have the right risk management. So when I lose a trade, I’m not upset because I know that I’ve only lost what I can afford to lose.
Shahriyar — United Kingdom
I was looking for a prop firm that could give me 1 to 1 mentoring, where they have a trading floor I can visit. The biggest benefit the Hidden Talents Program offers is that I can talk to my mentor all the time.
Jakob — Germany
I already had a strategy and a proper trading plan when I got into Audacity Capital and pretty much I knew what I was doing for the last 6 months. I wanted to be ready before getting any funding and I stuck to my strategy all year round while adapting to the current market trends.