Hidden Talents Program

Exclusively providing the opportunity to achieve success and profitability for over 10 years. Our Hidden Talents Program is a unique trading program offering a guaranteed funded trading account. Audacity Capital has an innovative approach to training, and centres on knowledge and pertinent support which is driven by experience and long term relationships.

A program designed for all

The Hidden Talents Program is developed to help guide and nurture curiosity into trading through intensive one-to-one training with our fully qualified trading mentor. The program is not based upon previous experience or academic qualifications, but on the natural intellect and willingness to become a profitable trader. With a careful selection process, the Hidden Talents Program is designed to help identify, recruit and develop the next generation of raw talent, who are eager to demonstrate their capability in investing and trading the financial markets.

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What you will learn about

The Program content includes traditional subjects like technical, fundamental and intermarket analysis, trading psychology and risk management. As the program inherently includes a training period at first – but, if you are looking for an instant job immediately, this particular program might not be suitable for you. 

Becoming a financial trader and trading the financial markets is unlike a traditional wage based model of employment, but instead, it’s a competition and performance based endeavour. The Program includes a small training fee, which will cover your study material and our one-to-one teaching sessions with our esteemed Forex mentor.

Learn, Trade, Inspire, Win

A day in a life of a Hidden Talents Trader

Benefits of joining the Hidden Talents Program

  • If you get accepted to our Hidden Talents Program there is no need to waste time on a demo account. You start trading live from week one with our capital which allows you to practice new skills in the live markets.

  • We provide you with interactive online lectures and open discussions amongst your mentor and fellow trainees.

  • The program caters to both full-time and part-time training sessions. Our mentor is also available to provide immediate help and advice.

  • Once you start trading on a $15,000 account, you can start withdrawing profit when you hit the 10% profit target. We make our profits from our traders’ success, we share profits 50/50 fairly.

  • We double the size of the trading account every time you reach a 10% target.

  • The drawdown is 10% on the initial balance and you’re not liable for any losses.

How to apply

  • You can apply to the Hidden Talents Program by filling out the form. It is important that you complete the correct contact details in order for our Talent Acquisition team to contact you.

  • One of our Talent Acquisition team members will contact you to schedule an interview via phone or face-to-face. Our team will ask questions about your current trading experience and strategy.

  • Once you are accepted into the program, you will receive an email with a contract and options of payment towards the fees. You may choose to pay the fees all at once or in parts.

  • Once you have completed the agreement our trading mentor will be in touch to start the training.

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forex trading testimonials

We offer a part-time and full-time Hidden Talents Programs both of which include two distinct phases:

Training Objectives

  • During the first month we will teach you the art of technical and fundamental analysis. You will be given a dedicated live trading account funded with a small deposit. You will be live trading from week one onwards.

  • From month two onwards you will be trading a live account which will be funded with the company’s funds in the amount of $15.000. Profits will be fairly split 50/50 and we are going to double the account size every time you reach a 10% target.

Full time or part time

We also understand that some trainees can only devote themselves to our Hidden Talents Program on a part-time basis, while others are available on a full-time basis. 

Our commitment to varying levels of availability only further stresses our aim to include every talented individual in our program. We have a trading floor based in the City of London* but you will always have the opportunity to trade remotely. 

*With the current COVID-19 safety measures, our trading floor remains closed to the public.

The Hidden Talents Program Structure

The training will cover the following topics:
  • Overview of the financial markets
  • FX market size and liquidity
  • Speculation in the FX market
  • Buying and selling currency pairs
  • The FX market structure
  • The FX market participants
  • The FX broker types
  • The mechanics of trading FX
  • The different types of FX orders
  • The ECN order-book mechanics
  • Time related market events and news
  • The two types of market analysis
  • An introduction to charting
  • Price action trading explained
  • Fibonacci trading
  • Traded volume & tick volume
  • Trading psychology
  • Money Management

The Program Structure

  • A comprehensive introduction to the financial markets, and gaining
    the understanding of the financial markets structure, the market
    dynamics and mechanics thereof.

  • Introduction to technical analysis, money management and trading psychology. Learning to manage risk by following our set up trading plan and trading methodology step by step. Every trainee will be coached, monitored and trained of how to utilise our trading tools in order to be able to manage positions and find the best entries/exits in, and out of trades.

    At this early stage you’ll already have, the ability and knowledge, of how to best judge and time your trade entries and exits, by following and adhering rigorously to your trading plan.

  • You will be taught, on a one-to-one basis by our esteemed Head of Trading, the vast subject of applying technical Fibonacci studies and the art of price action trading. These are highly complex and deep subjects, and therefore, require intensive study and effort in order to maximise the benefit of these invaluable trading tools!

  • Putting all that you’ve learned, and the knowledge that you’ve gathered and acquired into practice. At all times our Head of Trading will keep a vigilant eye on you. He will keep motivating you and analyse your live trades in order for you to get better and better with each trade!

  • With a 50/50 profit split. We will also continue to be monitoring and coaching you over the next 2-3 months, in which time if you have been consistent, we are going to double your trading account up to the amount of $250,000.

Fast Track

This program covers all of the content on the Hidden Talents Program but is shortened into a 2-week intensive training period with study material and one-to-one teaching sessions.

Hidden Talents Testimonials


Hidden Talents Trainee


Hidden Talents Trainee


Hidden Talents Trainee

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I learn to trade?

    There are many free online trading resources where you can learn to trade. Our Hidden Talents program is designed for people who would like to begin their trading with no experience as well as for traders who would like to enhance their skills. This program includes 1-to-1 personalised training with a fully qualified Forex mentor.

    You can also choose to watch our YouTube channel for more resources.

  • How long does it take to learn Forex?

    Forex trading is an industry where you are constantly learning. However, our Hidden Talents Program starts with a 1-month intensive course covering the basics, and thereafter, you will be able to put your knowledge into practice by trading in a live market environment. We encourage you to continue your studies to fully grasp trading psychology and consistency.

  • What financial assets can I trade on the Hidden Talents Program?

    You can trade Forex on our live accounts.

  • Who can join the Hidden Talents Program?

    Anyone can join our program from complete beginners to experienced traders.

  • How much are the fees for the Hidden Talents Program?

    Our Hidden Talents Program costs £3,000 which covers a 1 month training fee and secures your live account.

    If you are interested in taking the Fast-Track, this will cost £1,500 which covers 2 weeks training fee along with your guaranteed live funded account.

    You can opt to pay in instalments with Knoma to help you spread the costs of the fees up to 12 months. 

  • What platforms do you use?

    We currently use MetaTrader4.

  • What is Knoma?

    We have partnered with Knoma, a finance provider, to offer you interest-free loans towards our program fees. This is an opportunity to get you the support you need to prioritise your learning and start your professional training towards your trading career.

    With Knoma you can spread the cost of the course for over up to 12 months and you can choose how often you want to repay.

    Click here for more information about Knoma.

I was looking for a prop firm that could give me 1 to 1 mentoring, where they have a trading floor I can visit. The biggest benefit the Hidden Talents Program offers is that I can talk to my mentor all the time.
Jakob — Germany
I studied in the field of economics and I wanted a career in the industry where I want to have the freedom instead of the 9-5 job, which is why I joined the Hidden Talents Program. I learned a great deal from 1 to 1 mentoring session with John, as well as with our group sessions with other traders. Compared to trying to do it on my own, I noticed that there was more to trading after I joined the program. Before I wasn’t doing too well and now I’m trading really well and I’m glad.
Sameena — Ireland
I already had a strategy and a proper trading plan when I got into Audacity Capital and pretty much I knew what I was doing for the last 6 months. I wanted to be ready before getting any funding and I stuck to my strategy all year round while adapting to the current market trends.
Everything is great. I really like how tight the spreads are on the platform and the program really teaches you how to control your risk.
Amaru — United States
I was really impressed at how quick the withdrawal process is. I hit my target and I received my profit on the same afternoon. For convenience, trading with Audacity is really worthwhile.
Joshante — United Kingdom
I made more money than I spent on the program, which is why my experience with Audacity Capital is good so far. I like their conditions because it’s conservative, the risk of losing money is limited with these parameters in place.
Liliya — Dubai