5 Reasons to choose Audacity Capital

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Federica D’Ambrosio

Senior Trader and CFO

5 Reasons to choose Audacity Capital

The early days of 2024 saw MetaQuotes unexpectedly withdraw their trading platforms MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) from most prop firms. This decision caused a huge turmoil in the prop trading industry. While some firms have managed to remain open, there are numerous complaints about funding and trading accounts.

Many prop firms no longer use MT4 and MT5, Audacity Capital, the oldest operational firm, still utilizes the platform that was once the industry standard. Audacity Capital provides traders with capital to trade forex using a funded account and splits the profits while covering losses.

Why Audacity Capital?

Audacity Capital has been operating since 2012. Its traders can have access to a variety of educational resources and are assured of integration with MT4 and MT5.

Here are the top five reasons to choose Audacity Capital

  1.     Longest-Standing Prop Firm

Audacity Capital is the oldest prop firm in the industry. It boasts over ten years of experience, guaranteeing much-needed stability to traders. Traders can be sure it will be around tomorrow and many days after.


  1.     Still using MT4 & MT5
    Every trader wants to trade on a platform they’re familiar with, and for most, nothing beats MT4 and MT5. Due to the recent developments in the industry, other firms have had to switch to newer platforms, thus significantly disadvantaging their traders. Audacity Capital is keen to support its traders with platforms they know and trust: MT4 MT5.


  1.     Proven Track Record

Audacity Capital’s 10+ years in the FX niche have seen it get  rated by thousands of clients. See for yourself what they had to say. Most prop firms are just a few years old, but Audacity Capital has been around for over a decade making it a trustworthy trading partner.


  1.     Competitive Capital Allocation

 Audacity Capital provides traders with a range of funded accounts that empower them to access massive capital. Moreover, the platform has an aggressive scaling program, an in-person approach, and a profit share agreement up to 80%.


  1.     Trustworthiness

As far as trustworthy prop firms go, Audacity Capital easily stands out from its competition. Its interests lie in sustainability and in setting up its traders for long-term success. Every aspect of it, from its scaling program to its education resources and swift customer support team, shows that it’s here for the long run.

Stability Matters

Working with an experienced prop firm like Audacity Capital means you get to benefit from the stability it offers. You never have to worry about it going out of business unexpectedly or having to learn to trade with an all-new trading platform. You’ll enjoy the benefits of consistency with all your trading endeavours.

Audacity Capital has been in operation since 2012. Click here to learn more about its funder-traded accounts, including how you can get started with a trading account.