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If you wish to be part of the funded trader program, which is one of the best trading program in the city, you can learn in two ways: via trial and error or via listening to the pros. To avoid major losses when you get funded account, simply take time to learn from the best. To do this, here are some interviews from trading pros that will ensure when you get the forex fully funded account you are able to make some profits.


He is renowned for the ‘Theory of Reflexivity.’
One of the richest and most successful traders; when getting funding for trading, his advice will be crucial for success.

His Rules of Trading:
He will make big bets when he sees a chance and cut his losses when he sees he is wrong. If you are planning to get funding for trading, Soros’ advice is that once you know how the market is thinking, face the other direction. In short, you must bet on the unexpected. He also advises traders to be aware of self-reinforcing moves for those who wish to reap huge benefits. Lastly, his advice to you is to develop a thesis and test the market via the Funded Trader Program since he believes the market is always wrong.


He was at one time the biggest trader in currency markets. He believes that a trader needs to understand the fundamentals of why the market shifts. Fundamentals predict the future while trends and charts only show the past. In his opinion, a trader, such as one using the forex fully funded account needs to be independent, strong, and contrary to succeed.

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He launched a futures fund in 1984. He trades in all markets using a huge staff. He strives to avoid emotional trading and seeks control as a crucial aspect of being a good trader. He looks at market turns and picks tops and bottoms.

His Rules of Trading:
Do not average a loser
Decreasing trading when performing poorly and vice versa
Never trade without control when getting funding for trading
If a position makes you uneasy, leave
Do not be a hero and avoid having a huge ego


He trades alone but runs a program that generates trading signals. In the 80s, some of his accounts made returns of over 250,000%. If you are looking for trading signals for your Funded Trader Program, one of the best trading program in the City, his signals could be useful.

His Philosophy:
He prefers systematic trading to fundamentals
He views long-term trend, current patterns, and picking a good spot to buy or sell as most important in that order
He does not see himself as a casual trader; it is his life

His Trading Rules:
Ride winners
Cut losses
Keep your bets tiny
Follow rules without questioning
Know when to break the rules
Avoid pride when you get funded account

His Suggestions:
When buying, his point of entry is always above the market. He identifies when momentum is strong to reduce risk.