An ex-institutional trader brings new mindset to Prop Trading

Trading the financial markets is changing and is more open to everyone to make profit and become a pro trader regardless their background, AudaCity Capital is one of the main and respected players in the financial industry and trading community here in City of London.

We met Karim Over coffee at their Trading floor in the City of London to discuss AudaCity Capital Journey and the Financial Market, first questions we asked how can you handle running the company and trading the market, did you try to give up trading ? ; He jokes that he has “ I tried to stop completely trading and focus on running the company, but I couldn’t Im just addicted to the market.

Karim discusses the future of active strategies, Covid 19 pandemic and global ambitions.

“We have to be truly active to be successful. I know I have a big challenge ahead but this is my vision,” says Mr Yousfi.



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October 28, 2020