1. Can You Introduce Yourself?

I am Yulffi, a twenty-seven-year-old professional model and forex trader based in Barcelona. In college, I undertook a Business and Management course before graduating with a degree in the same area. But due to unavoidable circumstances, I was unable to take up a job in my chosen career path. I instead chose to focus on my side job as a professional model.%Funded forex Trader Program%
This changed in 2018 when I decided to change careers. The change saw me leave the world of professional modeling to take up FX trading. In the initial days, I relied on my personal assets to trade, before changing into asset management. It is a move that has seen me start managing assets for firms such as AudaCity.

2. How and When Did You Learn to Trade?

I had been trading on the side for three years while modeling before taking it up full time in 2018. My family has always held an interest in matters pertaining to investment.
The first time I got interested in trading related matters was during my first year in university. This is where I learned about stocks before furthering my forex knowledge when I took up an internship position and got to work with a tax advisor.
The advisor took me through the steps involved in purchasing and selling stocks.

3. In Brief, What Is Your Trading Strategy?

As is the case with all forex traders, I do have a trading strategy I have been working with since the beginning. I started by investigating various oscillators as well as working with an EMA 14 (12). With time, I slowly came to the realization that despite posting great results, what I was using was not working for me and my preferred trading style.
I have always preferred to work with H1 charts as I believe that I am an extremely fast thinker. From the charts highlighting the high and low prices, I can then proceed to monetize the other charts, e.g., the H4 chart.

4. Tell Us About Your Experience with The Funded Trader Program from Audacity Capital

My experience with the forex funded account has been quite good. When I got into forex funding, I started with a capital of 10,000. My experience and trading strategy has worked well for me as it has helped me double my assets.
Working with AudaCity has also proven to be easy and efficient. The communication process is straightforward, which means that I get to do my job, and at the same time trade with an edge.

5. Has the Opportunity from AudaCity Helped You to Progress and Generate More Money?

For me, I hold the belief that you can either trade professionally or as a hobby. For those like me who want to earn more, AudaCity is readily available to provide guidance and direction. It motivates you to want to become a better and edgier trader than you were before you started working with them.

6. What Is the Best Advice You Can Give to Someone Who Wants to Start Trading?

Sit down and contemplate the reason why you want to start trading. Determine the items you will need and then set some expectations for yourself. If you are only trading because you believe that there is good money to be made, ask yourself whether you are capable of accepting the losses as well.