Bruce Chaka –Trader at Audacity Capital’s Funded Trader Program


When And How Did You Learn To Trade Successfully?

I began trading six years ago but I only began to enjoy success three years ago.

Is It The Most Difficult Thing You Have Done In Your Life?

At the start of my career, it was very difficult, especially since I was working as an individual trade. The initial stage was a bit hard but now I am getting good at it.

What Is Your Trading Strategy?

I find intraday trading- difficult, am more of a long-term trader. My strategy is called Cyclist since I spend a lot of time in technical analysis.

What Are Your Thoughts On Getting Consistent Results?

In the process of becoming a trader, losing ten trades does not make you a bad trader. It is difficult to be consistent but being consistent in your style is the most important things for a trader. Be consistent in what you do to be a good trader.

How Well Are You Doing As A Trader?

I am doing a bit sluggishly right now. Many people think I do well but I believe I could do better.

Your Experience with the Funded Trader Program

The FTP program is good. You start with an account worth a $10,000 funded account for traders. If you make 10% in the account, they will double your account to $20,000 funding for trader. If you make another 10% your account is doubled. It is difficult due to leverage but it is a nice program.

How much are you Managing Right Now?

I am managing $40,000 right now. When I began, I was managing a $10,000 dollar account. The profits are good. If I make $4,000, I will get to $80,000.

Would You Recommend Audacity Capital To Other Traders?

I can recommend people to trade with audacity. However, it is difficult when coming from individual trader to an institutional trader. Despite this, I would recommend it to others.