Beste Währungspaare für den Handel in der Forex-Asien-Sitzung

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Forex trading is the conversion of a single currency to another. Also known as FX trading, it is one of the most active markets worldwide, attracting more than $5 trillion. It consists of a network of buyers and sellers. The forex market is a 24-hour trading platform. However, it is divided into different categories. The main categories include

  • Asian
  • European
  • North American sessions

The Asian session is slow and tough to trade in compared to the European and North American sessions. Therefore, traders need to know the best forex pairs to trade in due to the low volume and high spreads characterizing the session.

It is important to note that the Asian session can be referred to as the Tokyo session. Japan is the third largest forex trading center making Yen the third most traded currency. It contributes 16% of all forex transactions.

Chart showing the Tokyo Trading Session
Chart showing the behaviour of London and US sessions during the Asian session

Asian Trading Session Advantages

  • Low liquidity levels– The low liquidity levels make the non-Asian currencies such as GBP, USD, and EUR not make big trades outside the trading region.
  • Low Volatility– The liquidity coming into the market originates mainly from Asian movement. Therefore, it can be smaller than the one experienced in the London and US sessions.
  • More Visible Entry and Exit Points- The support and resistance levels give traders more opportunities to enter and exit the trades. Combined with indicator signals, it improves the probability of joining a good trade.
  • Best for Risk Management- The slow and quiet nature of the Asian/ Tokyo session makes it an ideal period for traders to manage their trades. Traders can study the market through an analysis of the risk and reward. The support and resistance levels are defined and coincide with the trading range making them easier to spot.
  • It provides Breakout opportunities at the End- The Tokyo session overlaps with the London session at the end of the trading period. During this period, traders experience high liquidity levels, which result in breakouts from established trading ranges.

The Best Forex Pair to Trade during the Asian Session

Considering pairs with the Japanese Yen when trading during the Asian session is important. The trading strategy may also determine the pair to choose. However, traders who wish to make more profits should consider trading with other Asian currencies. Some of the best pairs to trade in during the Asian session include:

AUD/JPY: Best for Traders Who Wish to Diversify their Forex Portfolio

When trading between the AUD and JPY, it is important to consider all the market fundamentals to determine the best time. The Tokyo session provides the optimal time to trade since it offers high liquidity. The pair is highly volatile and subject to price fluctuations. Therefore, it is important to identify the periods when volatility is high.

Graph showing AUD JPY behaviour from 2016

EUR/JPY: The Most Popular Trading Pair

The EUR/JPY is one of the most popular trading pairs across the world. It contributes up to 3% of the daily transactions, making it the most traded currency pair in the market. Most traders prefer this pair due to the high levels of volatility. This characteristic provides it with more trading opportunities.

JPY/USD: Currency Pair with the Highest Volume

The JPY/USD represents two of the most popular world currencies. Several factors affect the pair’s price since they originate from two globalized economies. Traders preferring this pair have access to various resources and information to help inform their trading decisions.

Its popularity also makes it the best for any trading strategy. However, it is important to choose a solid strategy since a slight market shift can have significant gains or losses.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Asia Session Forex Pairs

  • What are the Asian Trading Hours?

    The Asian trading session begins trading every Monday at 0000hours GMT. The session overlaps with the Sydney session, which starts two hours before the Tokyo session. The trading session overlaps with the London session during the last one hour. Therefore, the Asian session becomes more active during the Tokyo/London crossover.

  • Which is the Best Trading Currency pair during the Asian Session?

    Determining the best currency pair can be challenging. The best pairs should represent some of the most successful economies globally. However, avoiding non-Asian currency pairs during the Asian trading session is important. Some of the best currency pairs include;

    • JPY/USD
    • JPY/ EUR
    • AUD/JPY
    • NZD/JPY
  • How Many Currency Pairs Can One Trade-In at the Same Time?

    According to inter-market analysis, it is best to manage risks. Trading with several currency pairs could be detrimental. Therefore, one should not trade in more than three pairs. Trading in a few currencies helps you spend more time analyzing each pair giving you a good understanding before taking action.

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