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Introduction and Advanced Trading – £999 (RRP £1300)*
Includes the 10-day training (Online).

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Cours combiné

Introduction au trading

This introductory five-day course on financial trading seeks to take the course participants through everything they need to learn about financial trading. It covers different topics such as basic trading concepts, technical analysis, risk management along with fundamental trading psychology and macro and micro economic introductions.

Attendees will learn how to use the MT4 trading platform; placing trades, using fundamental platform features and the installation and use of technical indicators. Your mentors will also teach you to use powerful trading strategies to manage risk and incorporate charting packages to identify market trends.

This program can be taken in conjunction with our Advanced Trading Program 5-day Course. In order to maximize learning, we recommend a short break in between taking both programs in order to make sure you have fully understood all concepts in the introductory program.

Trading avancé

The Advanced Trading Program is a five-day course aimed at traders looking for the opportunity to advance their skillset, trading knowledge and are ready to take their trading to the next level.

Traders will learn advanced trading and risk management strategies alongside psychological tools and techniques to advance your trading. We welcome a more varied level of trader experience onto the program. As long as you have the basic FX knowledge you will be able to maximize your learning on this program.

This program can be taken in conjunction with our Financial Trading Introduction Five-Day Course. In order to maximize learning, we recommend a short break in between taking both programs in order to make sure you have fully understood all concepts in the introductory program.

A Day in a life of a Trader

Meet Jakob, Audacity Capital’s Hidden Talents trainee.

Watch this video to get an insight on our in-house training.

Questions fréquemment posées

  • Which trading course is best?

    If you are new to trading industry, the best program to take is our Introductory 5-day course. This will cover all the basics you need to start your career as a prop trader.

    If you are looking for a refresher to develop your skillset and knowledge, we invite you to take our Advanced Trading Program. This course offers a refined approach to the trading objectives in the introductory course as well as covering complex strategies and deep understanding of trading psychology.

    We also offer a combined course of Introduction to Trading and Advanced Trading to maximise your growth as a professional trader.

  • Why learn to trade?

    Trading is essential to fuelling economic growth and helps you take advantage of opportunities in the market. Trading careers can provide you with practical and valuable skills applicable to different aspects of life such as enhancing your thinking and awareness, controlling your emotions and overcoming fear, minimizing risk and maximizing probabilities of success that can help you gain financial freedom.

  • Are trading courses worth it?

    Not only do you gain skills to trade inexpensively but by joining our courses, you take away essential qualities you can apply to your day-to-day personal development and start earning money on your journey to having a full-time trading career.

    We recommend you to take the combined course to receive a special discount and maximise your learning experience.

  • What are the benefits of taking trading courses?

    The trading courses we offer provide full independence to learn trading at your own pace and thereafter, we invite you to join our funding programs to facilitate you with live capital to trade with.

    Many drive to become full-time traders to reach a goal whether that is for personal development, enhancing a skillset and becoming profitable or for financial freedom. Whatever your goal is, we are here to direct you to the right path to trading.

  • What is Knoma?

    We have partnered with Knoma, a finance provider, to offer you interest-free loans towards our program fees. This is an opportunity to get you the support you need to prioritise your learning and start your professional training towards your trading career.

    With Knoma you can spread the cost of the course for over up to 12 months and you can choose how often you want to repay.

    Click here for more information about Knoma.

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Advance Trading Course
I was looking for a prop firm that could give me 1 to 1 mentoring, where they have a trading floor I can visit. The biggest benefit the Hidden Talents Program offers is that I can talk to my mentor all the time.
Jakob — Germany
I studied in the field of economics and I wanted a career in the industry where I want to have the freedom instead of the 9-5 job, which is why I joined the Hidden Talents Program. I learned a great deal from 1 to 1 mentoring session with John, as well as with our group sessions with other traders. Compared to trying to do it on my own, I noticed that there was more to trading after I joined the program. Before I wasn’t doing too well and now I’m trading really well and I’m glad.
Sameena — Ireland
Je cherchais à obtenir un financement et j'ai fait des recherches sur les sociétés de prop trading. J'ai choisi Audacity Capital car ils fournissaient de l'argent réel immédiatement, et j'ai eu raison de les choisir. J'ai ainsi pu atteindre mon objectif et retirer mes bénéfices en quelques mois.
Marcin - — Polonia
I already had a strategy and a proper trading plan when I got into Audacity Capital and pretty much I knew what I was doing for the last 6 months. I wanted to be ready before getting any funding and I stuck to my strategy all year round while adapting to the current market trends.
I was really impressed at how quick the withdrawal process is. I hit my target and I received my profit on the same afternoon. For convenience, trading with Audacity is really worthwhile.
Joshante — United Kingdom
From a really young age, I would get really angry and break my control and blow accounts. But this changed in the past 2 years when I put myself in the right frame of mind and have the right risk management. So when I lose a trade, I’m not upset because I know that I’ve only lost what I can afford to lose.
Shahriyar — United Kingdom