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Über diesen Kurs

In AudaCity Capital’s Trading Psychology program, you will work with our trading psychology mentor, Sanjeev. He has spent years learning about a traders mind and working with individuals to help them build emotional intelligence in their trading. He will be training you to make decisions based upon logic rather than emotion. 

This is a unique trading course that allows you to structure your learning sessions around your daily work/life program in an interactive manner. You will circuit through 3 main categories of trading psychology, which are divided into 14 modules of online videos that has been specifically designed to be concise – cutting out all the misinformation presented online and delivering the fundamental concepts you need to understand in order to master your mindset.  

Being able to change your patterns and beliefs doesn’t happen overnight.  We are aware of this and have built our course to not just give you an educational experience, but also to participate with Sanjeev in live interactive weekly sessions to expand on these topics and give you challenges to help mold you into the successful trader you envision.

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Our trading psychologist, Sanjeev Sangar, will take you through the following modules:

  • Understanding the mind’s two modes of operation
  • Unpacking cognitive biases
  • Learning the importance of our beliefs, perspectives and focus
  • Understanding your relationship with fear
  • Learning to manipulate habits and patterns
  • How to trade in the present moment
  • Mastering the mind-body connection
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Aufbau des Kurses

The course focuses on laying the foundations to allow you to achieve equanimity by raising our levels of awareness. This will change how your mind and body react to certain situations which allows you to make better decisions under stress. Improving all these areas has a domino effect and ultimately improves your trading performance.

You will learn to use awareness to hone in on the emotions that are at the root of all our trading problems. Sanjeev will work through a systematic concept to allow you to understand how patterns and habits are formed. Once you understand this principle, it will allow you to manipulate your physical or mental patterns of behaviour – this is what will teach you to make the right decision without thinking twice. By reshaping your mindset to focus on executing your process, you’ll instinctively start to think differently, learn to separate your emotions and importantly trust your process.

We finish up by showing you how to apply this in live sessions and stop yourself from making mistakes in the moment. By applying the principles learned in this course, you’ll train your mind to make the right decisions instinctively and therefore making money becomes a byproduct of following your process.


  • When the majority of people face a problem, often the first step is trying to find a solution and then putting that in place. They fundamentally miss the important step of asking themselves why they have a problem in the first place. Sanjeev will be teaching you how to correct this – raising the level of awareness so you can fully understand what makes trading so difficult. He will be helping them to identify how and why your mind operate the way it does, and in the process, uncover your natural human blind spots.

    Once you have an understanding of exactly how the mind works, you now have the foundations to get you to become more proactive rather than reactive with your decision-making.

  • Build on your foundations and explain the underlying emotions which tend to be a detriment to every trader. Without knowing which emotions and fears are making your decision-making at any one point in time, it’s impossible to find the path to resolving this issue long-term. In this module, you identify which emotions specifically are holding you back.

    Sanjeev will show you systematically how your bad patterns of thoughts and behaviour work. Once you understand the process in which they operate, breaking and creating new patterns becomes easier as you’re following the principles in which all habits are formed. In this stage you’ll begin to understand exactly how you can start to prevent mistakes from happening even before they arise.

  • Our aim is to guide you to understand what you need to do throughout your day to start to shift knowledge into action. Sanjeev will explain the things you should be monitoring each day and advise how you can instantly become aware of your state and have more control over changing it at any given moment.

    Every day going forward is about maintaining a high level of awareness and working to just be at least 1% better. Over time, each small step starts to redefine who you are and that compounds to mould you into the successful trader you envision.

Who can join this course?

Trading Psychology is ideal for both newbies and veterans. It’s particularly recommended for financial traders who want to sharpen their thought processes. By the end of the training period, the course participants will have learned what it takes to sharpen emotional intelligence to improve trading results.

Live Group Sessions

  • Trading for yourself can be lonely – we understand this and have created an option where you can work with Sanjeev in group setting. In these sessions, you’ll not only benefit from the ongoing accountability, but you’ll get to meet and network with others also committed to the process of becoming a better trader.

    Each session will be open to any member attending live or alternatively, they will be recorded and archived to watch at any time in your convenience.That means regardless of daily work/life schedule, you will have means to benefit from these group sessions in way that works for you. During these sessions, there will be a focus on 3 key elements:

  • Members will have an opportunity to submit questions with any area they may be struggling with for which Sanjeev will be able to guide you through this.

  • Sanjeev will be expanding on various topics within the course to ensure that everyone understands how to apply this and working up to more advanced methods.

  • Members will be set unique weekly challenges that are designed to get them out of their comfort zone, try something different, and ultimately aimed to open their minds to new trains of thought.

Advance Trading Course

One-to-one Mentoring

  • For those of you that would feel more comfortable and would prefer a more tailored, confidential experience, you have the option to work with Sanjeev on a one-to-one basis.
    During these sessions, you’ll work to achieve 4 things:

  • Identify problems and obstacles and define where you are today.

  • Outline your goals for the future and identify the trader you want to become.

  • Create a roadmap of steps and actions to move you closer to your end goal.

  • Receive personalised accountability calls to help you with problems and keep you on track.

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Advance Trading Course

Free Preview

Get free access into one of the modules in our trading therapy course. The preview will cover the following topic:

Cognitive Bias:

These are natural blind spots in our minds that all humans suffer from. We unpack the 5 biases which cause most traders to have errors in their thinking. Raising your awareness around this will give you a chance to not unconsciously make the same mistakes.

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Ich suchte nach einer Finanzierung und recherchierte über Prop-Trading-Firmen. Ich habe mich für Audacity Capital entschieden, weil sie mir sofort echtes Geld zur Verfügung stellten, und ich hatte Recht, mich für Audacity Capital zu entscheiden, weil ich mein Ziel erreichen und meine Gewinne innerhalb weniger Monate abheben konnte.
Marcin - Polen
Die Arbeit mit Audacity bringt viele Vorteile mit sich. Was mir sofort in den Sinn kommt, ist die Tatsache, dass ich mit den von mir verwalteten Mitteln viel verantwortungsvoller umgehe. Weil ich weiß, dass die Mittel nicht mir, sondern Audacity gehören und ich die bestmögliche Leistung erbringen möchte.
Megiliano — Griechenland
Der Handel mit einem finanzierten Konto unterscheidet sich vom Handel mit einem Privatkonto. Ich musste meine Strategie anpassen und meine Emotionen ausschalten, weil die Bedingungen anders sind.
Monir -Indien
Alles ist ganz toll. Mir gefällt wirklich, wie eng die Spreads auf der Plattform sind, und das Programm bringt einem wirklich bei, wie man sein Risiko kontrolliert.
Amaru - Vereinigte Staaten
Ich war auf der Suche nach einer Requisitenfirma, die mir ein 1:1-Mentoring geben kann und über einen Handelsraum verfügt, den ich besuchen kann. Der größte Vorteil des Hidden Talents Program besteht darin, dass ich jederzeit mit meinem Mentor sprechen kann.
Jakob — Deutschland
Als ich bei Audacity Capital anfing, hatte ich bereits eine Strategie und einen richtigen Handelsplan und wusste in den letzten sechs Monaten ziemlich genau, was ich tat. Ich wollte bereit sein, bevor ich eine Finanzierung erhielt, und habe das ganze Jahr über an meiner Strategie festgehalten und mich gleichzeitig an die aktuellen Markttrends angepasst.