Trading Trainings

Learn from the best of our professional traders. Choose from a wide set of courses we offer locally in London or remote worldwide.

Program Bakat Tersembunyi

Exclusively providing the opportunity to achieve success and profitability for over 10 years. Our Hidden Talents Program is a unique trading program offering a guaranteed funded trading account. Audacity Capital has an innovative approach to training, and centres on knowledge and pertinent support which is driven by experience and long term relationships.


  • Real & live funded trading account
  • Interactive online lectures
  • Direct coaching on your funded account
  • 50/50 profit split
  • No liability for losses

Trading Psychology

This is a unique trading course that allows you to structure your learning sessions around your daily work/life program in an interactive manner. You will circuit through 3 main categories of trading psychology, which are divided into 14 modules of online videos that has been specifically designed to be concise – cutting out all the misinformation presented online and delivering the fundamental concepts you need to understand in order to master your mindset.


  • Learn in your tempo
  • Live group sessions
  • One-to-one mentoring sessions
  • Direct contact to mentor
  • Available for all levels of traders

Webinar & Seminar

In addition to our professional courses, we offer webinars and seminars for all levels of traders that are easy to consume and provide significant added value for all participants who want to learn more about Forex Funded Trading.


  • Step into a new world
  • Talk with real Forex Traders
  • Learn best practices in trading
  • Jump-start your trading experience
  • Free to join

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