Tailored Funding Program

Personalise your Funded Account

AudaCity Capital’s innovative Tailored Funding Program is revolutionising funding models by empowering traders to personalise their trading experience. You can now determine the parameters to your funded account and design a program structure that aligns perfectly with your trading strategy and style.

You have the power to select your desired initial account size, establish drawdown limits, set leverage preferences and decide whether you want to trade over the news and weekends. What’s more, you can set your preferred withdrawal schedule and handpick the assets you want to trade.

In essence, this program puts the power of your trading career firmly in your hands. With the ability to customise every facet of your funded account, empowering you to shape your journey according to your unique vision.

How to get started as a Tailored Prop FX Trader

  • Get started by completing the interactive form below to detail your desired preferences for your Tailored Funded Account. Specify your account size, risk parameters, leverage, and more according to your trading style.

  • After submitting the form, a quote will be promptly generated. Proceed to process the associated fees aligned with your preferences to move forward. Unlike traditional processes, there’s no need for an interview.

  • Once the fee is processed, you will promptly receive your funded account login details via email. The email will also provide you with all the necessary information to set up your account, including access to your trading platform, ensuring you are fully equipped to start trading.

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Seperti yang dilihat pada

Discover what we offer

  • Experience the cutting-edge innovation of AudaCity Capital’s latest offering: the Tailored Funding Program. This revolutionary funding model empowers traders to not only customize their access to a live account but also craft a program structure that perfectly aligns with their individual trading style and strategic vision. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all and embrace the power to design your trading journey like never before.

  • You have the power to decide whether you would like to opt for a direct access to a live account or access capital through a 2-step demo account. The route you choose will directly impact the fees payable to begin the tailored program.

  • Select the account size that resonates with your trading goals, even if your journey leads directly to live funding! You can start trading with $15,000, $30,000, $60,000 or $120,000 on the Tailored Trader Program.

  • You can handpick risk parameters that align with your unique trading strategy and tyle. The freedom extends to deciding your account leverage, news and weekend trading.

  • Specify the asset classes you intend to trade varying from major and minor FX pairs, indices and commodities.

  • Set your own schedule for withdrawals. Receive payouts when you reach your 10% profit target, opt for a monthly schedule, or choose a bi-weekly arranegement.

  • Have the option to select the drawdown limitations that best suit your trading strategy and style. Traders can select between 5% & 7.5% daily drawdowns and 10% & 20% maximum total drawdown.

  • The scaling strategy within your personalised funded account will depend on your chosen route to funding and established risk parameters. The more rigorous you are with your risk management, the faster you can scale your account! Accounts will be scaled either upon reaching the 10% profit target OR on a quarterly basis when 2.5% per month is achieved.

forex trading testimonials
Apa yang kita cari

Kami sedang mencari pedagang dengan pengalaman langsung menguruskan risiko dan yang telah menunjukkan keuntungan. Berikut adalah beberapa keperluan yang kami cari apabila meluluskan pedagang untuk menyertai program kami. 

  • Boleh menunjukkan sekurang-kurangnya 3 – 6 bulan berdagang akaun langsung.
  • Boleh menunjukkan konsistensi semasa menguruskan risiko dan keuntungan dalam tempoh masa ini.
  • Boleh menunjukkan konsistensi dengan mengikuti pelan perdagangan atau strategi.