Best Trading Movies to watch

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After the market closes like often happens during holiday or you simply wish to take a break, there is no reason why you should not entertain yourself with a movie. During this time, it might be a good time to watch a movie on trading. Most of them have consultants from the markets to ensure they feel authentic. As such, you might learn something from them. Here are some top examples.

1. Becoming Warren Buffett (2017)

If you want to become a trader and join the funded trader program, there is a good chance you have heard of Warren Buffet. This 2017 documentary gives you a behind the scenes look into the life of this billionaire investor. It might even offer you a few nuggets of wisdom you can use in your life. For instance, you will learn about frugality; despite being worth $70 billion, Warren Buffet never spends over $3.17 on breakfast.

2. Floored (2009)

This awesome documentary will provide insight into the futures trading pits of Chicago. It is quite an educative documentary, which is important if you want to become a trader. For one, it gives you insight into how futures markets and trading works. There is a lot of honest commentary from those who are interviewed. It also helps to understand the difference between gambling and trading.

3. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

The movie is based on the life of Jordan Belfort, a financial genius who was lacking any morality. It offers an honest and insightful view of how dishonest trading can land you in trouble. If you want to join the funded trader program, this movie will serve as a nice reminder of why it is so important to be honest. It is also a lot of fun to watch and you will enjoy every moment of the movie.

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4. Betting On Zero (2017)

The documentary follows Bill Ackman, a billionaire investor. It follows the large short bet that he made against Herbalife. Ackman believed that Herbalife was a pyramid scheme, which was selling a dream of riches to the poorest minorities that wished to live the American dream. If you want to get funding for trading and understand how shorting works, this is a great documentary.

5. Too Big to Fail

This film looks into the activities of some of the biggest names on Main Street and Wall Street during the financial crisis. In essence, it is an autopsy on why the financial crash occurred. If you are a trader who wants to get funding for trading, this is an awesome documentary to learn how to study the signs.

6. Margin Call (2011)

Have you ever wondered what would occur if you went over your leverage? This movie will explain what happens when it occurs on a stock market scale. In short, an account can go from ahead to dead in seconds when investment firms over their leverage and get the margin call. It is a horror movie version of a financial trading movie.