2024 Important Updates to Audacity Capital’s Funding Programs

Accedi al capitale

Funded Trader Program:

No more Monthly/subscription fees:
You no longer need to pay monthly fees for the FTP challenge. Purchase the program with a one-time fee only.

No more interviews after achieving the profit target:
To streamline the process, we’ve eliminated the interview requirement upon reaching the profit target. Payouts will be processed, and account sizes will double automatically.

A wider range of account sizes to select:
In addition to the $15k Funded Trader Program account size, traders can now choose from $7.5k, $15k, and $60k FTP starting capital.

Increased Leverage:
The leverage has been increased from 1:5 to 1:30 for all the assets available on Funded Trader Program (FTP) challenge account.

Trade Gold from the first day:
Gold was previously restricted until accounts reached $120k, traders can now trade FX pairs, & Gold from the first day of their challenge, regardless of account size.

Account scaling increased from 480K to 2M:
Previously we had a limit of $480k maximum account size after scaling but now, Traders can now scale their account size up to $2M. To know more about scaling refer to this article.

Increased profit share from 50% to 80%:
Traders can now get a profit share up to 80% on their FTP account. Please refer to this article to know more about profit share.

No more lot size restrictions:
Previously, we had restrictions on the number of lots traders can open, however, we understand some traders might find it difficult to trade as per their set strategy therefore, now traders are free to open as many lots as they want on their account as long as they have enough margin to open them.

Sfida di abilità

A new approach to trading consisting of a 2-step demo challenge phase:
Our revamped Ability Challenge features a two-step demo phase. Upon passing both phases without rule violations, traders receive the Ability Live account. Profits from the Live account can be withdrawn. To learn more about the Ability challenge check out these articles.

Wide Range of account sizes to choose from:
Choose from a variety of account sizes: $10k, $15k, $30k, $60k, $120k, and $240k. These accounts can be purchased directly from our site.

Unlimited trading period:
There are no time restrictions for completing the challenge and verification phases. You can take as much time as needed to pass comfortably.

Four Minimum Trading Days:
You will be required to trade your accounts at least for four days consistently with their usual strategy.

Up to 90% Profit share:
Traders can get up to 90% profit share if the Live account is scaled twice. Refer to this article to learn more about scaling.

Stay ahead with Audacity Capital, where we continually enhance our offerings to support your trading journey. Visit our website to explore these updates in detail and take your trading to the next level!