Leverage vs Margin dalam Trading Forex

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This leverage allows traders to buy more shares than they would otherwise be able to afford, which often yields higher returns than buying stocks outright with only the amount of money they have available.

Pros and Cons of Leverage Trading


  • With a small capital, you can significantly boost your returns
  • You can get access to expensive stocks
  • Kamu bisa open many positions with a small capital

What Is Margin Trading?

Margin Trading is the process of borrowing money from a broker to trade on margin. In a margin trading account, you deposit funds with your broker and use them as collateral for buying more stocks or other securities. So, what is 5% margin leverage? Understanding leverage vs margin and how they correlate to each other helps make everything easier. Anytime you see a forex margin of 5%, it simply means you are getting leverage of 20:1.

Pros and Cons of Margin Trading


  • Improves the buying power
  • Memungkinkan Anda melakukannya diversify into other instruments
  • Better return potential


  • You have to maintain and meet all margin requirements
  • High risk
  • Interest is charged

How Does Margin Trading Work?

Is margin trading the same as leverage trading? While the two terms may sound one and the same, it is important to know that margin vs leverage trading works very differently. When it comes to margin trading, money borrowed is always secured by collateral.

This is precisely how it works: You buy shares of financial instruments with borrowed money and then sell them at a higher price than your initial investment. When the market falls in value below your original purchase price, you sell them back to the broker at their original price, then repay the loan with interest over time and vice versa. And how do you calculate margin leverage?

Margin vs leverage also involves calculation as it is a crucial part of understanding how they work in forex trading. The good news is that many brokers have a margin calculator, Tetapi you can still do it yourself without ever needing a calculator.

For example; If you want to open a position with £25,000 with a leverage of 25:1, then the margin would be; £25,000/25, which is £1,000

In other words, Margin = Size of the Position/ The Higher value in the Leverage Ratio.


Among the first things to understand are their differences, Dan one is their buying power. Leverage boosts your purchasing power, while margin allows you to get the funds, depending on your collateral. So, can you leverage trade without margin? Both margin and leverage work interchangeably, meaning that a margin account can help you generate leverage. However, if you trade without a margin, it means that you cannot access funds from your broker to use in opening positions.

It is also worth noting that non-margin accounts cannot participate in;

  • Futures and Options trading
  • Funds shorting and stock trading

Which One is Better: Margin or Leverage?

What is better leverage or margin? This is one of the most asked questions in leverage vs margin comparison analysis. While both allow you to get the money you need to scale your portfolio, it is vital to understand how to use them. Leverage and margin are great tools in forex trading, but how you apply them matters a lot.

According to experts, leveraging your trades cautiously over a long period could be beneficial as it helps minimize losses. On the other hand, when the margin is used in short-term investments in liquid markets, it can yield greater returns. Therefore, it is wise to do your research and understand how they work and how they should be used for better returns. Prop trading firms like Audacity Capital will help you get started successfully. In fact, the firm will fund your account so that you can begin trading without worrying about trading capital.

Mengapa Anda harus bergabung dengan Program Trader Terdanai kami?
  • Akun trading yang didanai penuh.
  • Keuntungan besar bagi hasil 50-50%.
  • Perdagangan Internasional Seluler.
  • Anda tidak bertanggung jawab atas kerugian.
  • Drawdown 10%.
  • Teknologi yang kuat dan Likuiditas Kelembagaan yang mendalam.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leverage vs Margin

  • How much margin will I get as a beginner forex trader?

    This usually depends on the forex broker you use, but it usually starts from 1%. This means you can control $100,000 with only $1000.

  • Is leverage necessary for beginner traders?

    As a newbie, using leverage is important as it will help you increase your profits. However, knowing it can blow your account is also crucial, which is why it is essential to use leverage wisely.