Trader Funding Programs

Choose one of our best Funded Trader Programs for your trading situation.

Tantangan Kemampuan

Our Ability Challenge welcomes all traders coming from different trading backgrounds. Traders can start an Ability Challenge with any level of experience trading in the financial markets. The challenge is a two step demo process where traders can demonstrate their trading ability and once completed, gain access to a live account of your pre chosen size.


  • 2-step evaluation designed to fairly test a traders ability
  • Option to start with a larger initial capital (no account scaling)
  • No monthly fees
  • Generous monthly profit share up to 85%
  • Increased leverage 1:100 in the challenge phase
  • Flexible trading conditions: traders can hold positions over the weekend, trade the news and no lot size limitations
  • Refundable fee when traders complete all stages of the challenge

Pedagang yang Didanai Program

The Funded Trader Program is for profitable traders with a successful strategy. Applicants will need to have at least 3 months experience in a live account and be ready to start trading in live environment from day one. This program provides maximum value for experienced traders where we only require traders to pass a short interview with a member of our talent acquisition team.


  • No demo/challenge required
  • Get approved for live funding within 24 hours
  • Funding starts from $15,000 live capital
  • Account growth every 10% profit made
  • Fast scaling plan up to $480,000
  • Access to premium liquidity with zero commission and swap fees
  • Flexible trading conditions – no time restrictions or deadlines
  • Zero loss liability

Program Pedagang Fleksibel

Unlock your trading potential with the Funded Trader Program FLEX, offering live environment accounts from $15,000 and can scale up to a substantial $480,000. Our supportive environment fosters growth and levels the playing field, while FLEX program elevates trading with doubled risk allowance, drawdown, Gold & Commodities access, and profit target.


  • Live environment account from $15,000
  • Fast scaling up to $480,000
  • Doubled risk allowance, drawdown and profit target
  • Indices & Commodities such as Gold allowed
  • No Time Restrictions
  • Premium Liquidity

Program Pedagang Pro

The Pro Funded Trader Program offers direct access to a live environment trading account and customisable initial capital. Empowering you to start with $30,000 or $60,000 without demo challenges. Pro streamlines the Funded Trader Program for quicker earning potential.


  • Live environment account
  • Higher starting capital: $30,000 or $60,000
  • Fast scaling up to $480,000
  • No Time Restrictions
  • Premium Liquidity

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