How food can affect your decisions as Trader?

Health practitioners argue that breakfast is the most potent meal of the day. It is the reason why many doctors advise that you should not skip the morning meal. New research has found out that not only does breakfast affect your health, but it also affects how you will make decisions that day.

The decision-making process is very crucial to the success of your business as a trader. Any wrong moves and your business could go down as nothing happened after many years of establishing it.


Does Breakfast Influence How You Make Decisions?


Researchers at the University of Luebeck carried out new research that looked to establish the relationship between the decisions made in a day by an individual and what they took for breakfast. They did a study on decisions made by people who consumed a high protein/low carbohydrate meals and choices made from a high carbohydrate/low protein diet.

The study found out that low carbohydrate diets reduce the amino acid levels and this, in turn, increases the hormone dopamine’s secretion that enables you to think more accurately and make informed decisions.

The study established that consuming breakfast with a low carbohydrate concentration will turn you into a tolerant person. Consuming fewer carbohydrates means having more proteins. Meals rich in protein will boost dopamine in your brain. As a funded trader, you are advised to take breakfasts with a low carbohydrate concentration.

Proteins are fundamentally broken down into amino acids, and the amino acids single out dopamine levels which are primarily involved in decision-making. From the research conducted, it was found out that higher dopamine levels from low-carb meals made the subjects of the study to value the feeling of reward even if it was for a less amount.

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It also made them more rational and less aggressive, meaning they could easily accept low monetary offers. There was indeed a direct impact on the decisions made by the participants of the study.

Excellent breakfast for a funded trader should contain 300 to 400 calories. In case you consider consuming a low carbohydrate meal, then include it with fruit, grain, or vegetable as an energy source.

Consider Whole Grains and Natural Carbohydrates


Here are among the best choices for a fantastic breakfast; whole wheat, bran cereals, brown rice, and oatmeal. You could also consider ancient grains like chia seeds, farro, teff, amaranth, muffins, bread, and spelt.
These carbohydrates are rich in fiber; this means that you will not experience blood-sugar lows and highs frequently. Avoid consuming white bread and grains; however, as they will trigger your blood sugar levels.

Smart Proteins


The ideal proteins to consume for breakfast include legumes like lentils, peanuts, peas, and soybeans. These plants are high in protein and have got low fats. They also provide the body with iron, fiber, folate, and vitamin C. Eggs are also a fantastic choice for breakfast to boost your thinking and enhance decision-making.

Avoid smoked fishes, deli, and cured meats for breakfast. These meals are concentrated in sodium and nitrites that cause cancer.

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