Programa Flex Trader

Flex to Success

Discover the remarkable opportunity within AudaCity Capital’s Funded Trader Program FLEX. Tailored for adept financial market traders, this exclusive offering redefines flexibility in trading parameters.

Much like the traditional funded trader program, FTP Flex opens doors to a live environment account, eliminating the need for long-winded demo processes or challenges. However, the Flex program ascends to new heights by enhancing vital trading parameters. This includes doubling risk allowance, drawdown limits, the scope to trade Gold & Indices, and doubling the profit target as well.

Many have harnessed trading proficiency through online resources, mastering strategies and skills. Yet, despite their prowess, capital constraints may hinder them from realizing significant gains. In the realm of funding providers, Audacity Capital stands as an exceptional choice for accomplished and lucrative traders. Elevate your potential with Funded Trader Program FLEX – where expertise meets limitless possibilities.

How to become a Flex Prop FX Trader?

  • To apply for FLEX, simply click the “Apply Now” button, which will lead you to register on our trader dashboard. Once there, you’ll gain entry to an extensive array of funding programs, including the FLEX Funding Program.

  • After choosing the Flex funding option on your trader dashboard, you will proceed to complete the initiation fee process.

  • Once the fee is processed, you’ll promptly receive your Flex funded account login details via email, eliminating the need for an interview. This email will also provide you with all the necessary information to set up your account, including details about trading platforms, ensuring you’re fully equipped to start trading without delay.

Lo que ofrecemos

  • The Funded Trader Program FLEX presents a unique opportunity for aspiring traders, as it offers a live environment trading account of $15,000 and can scale up to a substantial amount of $480,000. Our program is designed to foster a mutually beneficial partnership built on transparency, respect, and fairness with our traders.

    This approach guarantees that our traders are not only driven to perform their best, but reassured that we are committed to their success. Additionally, we have partnered with a liquidity provider that benefits our traders by offering tight spreads and zero commissions or swaps fees. Every time the trader reaches 20% in profit, the account size will be doubled.

    We recognize the importance of a level playing field, and strive to provide our traders with a supportive environment that enables them to achieve their full potential. Our FLEX program distinguishes itself by doubling several key parameters. Specifically, it entails double the risk allowance, double the drawdown, access to Gold & Indices, and a doubled profit target

  • If you get approved for FLEX there is no need to waste time on a demo account. You start trading live environment with increased flexibility when comparing it to the traditional Funded Trader Program.

  • AudaCity Capital is proud to offer a unique opportunity for traders, as we enable our clients to trade Gold and Indices right from the outset.

    Our commitment to providing our traders with access to these markets reflects our belief in the potential for diversification and growth that these asset classes offer. We understand that the ability to trade Gold and Indices is an attractive prospect for many traders and we have designed FLEX to allow our team to tap into this potential as early as possible.

  • We double the size of the trading account every time you reach a 20% profit target.

  • The absolute drawdown is 20% from the initial balance and there is a 7.5% daily draw down. There is no loss liability for any of our traders.

  • Our trading platform utilizes a liquidity provider, enabling our traders to access a wide range of market liquidity with fast execution and minimal spreads. Our monthly subscription model encompasses the advantage of commission and swap-free trading, providing a cost-effective solution for traders, especially those who wish to scale their accounts.

Nuestras reglas

  • At stage 1 you start with an initial capital of $15,000. Orders are capped to a maximum of 1.0 lot, meaning you can have either one position open at 1.0 lot or ten positions at 0.1. When your account is doubled, we also double the risk allowance

  • We allow our traders on the Flex program an absolute drawdown of 20% which does not trail the traders profits and a daily drawdown of 7.5%. You are not liable for any losses so you won’t owe the company any money if the drawdown is hit.

  • Weekend positions are subject to approval by the risk management. If you would like to keep a position open over the weekend, you will need to fill in the form using the Traders Dashboard.

  • Las posiciones deben cerrarse durante eventos noticiosos importantes, como NFP, decisiones sobre tipos de interés y discursos del Banco Central para USD, GBP y EUR. Enviamos anuncios de noticias a todos nuestros operadores con antelación por correo electrónico.

  • Once you hit the 20% target, you can request a withdrawal filling in the form using the following link: that you will also find in the Traders Dashboard.

Lo que buscamos

We are looking for traders with live experience managing risk that can demonstrate profitability. Here are some requirements we are looking for when approving traders to join our program. 

  • Can demonstrate at least 3 – 6 months trading a live account.
  • Puedes demostrar coherencia en la gestión del riesgo y la rentabilidad durante este periodo.
  • Puedes demostrar coherencia siguiendo un plan o estrategia de negociación.


Yo estaba buscando obtener financiación e hice mi investigación en las empresas de comercio prop. Elegí Audacity Capital porque me proporcionaron dinero real de inmediato, y no me equivoqué al elegirlos porque pude alcanzar mi objetivo y retirar mis beneficios en pocos meses.
Marcin Polonia
There are many advantages that come with working with Audacity. One that comes to mind immediately is the fact that I am much more responsible with the funds that I am managing. Because I know that the funds don’t belong to me and they belong to Audacity and I want to give the best performance possible.
Megiliano — Greece
El Trading con una cuenta financiada es diferente a operar con una cuenta personal. Tuve que adaptar mi estrategia y desconectar mis emociones porque las condiciones son diferentes.
Monir - India
Everything is great. I really like how tight the spreads are on the platform and the program really teaches you how to control your risk.
Amaru — United States
I was looking for a prop firm that could give me 1 to 1 mentoring, where they have a trading floor I can visit. The biggest benefit the Hidden Talents Program offers is that I can talk to my mentor all the time.
Jakob — Germany
I already had a strategy and a proper trading plan when I got into Audacity Capital and pretty much I knew what I was doing for the last 6 months. I wanted to be ready before getting any funding and I stuck to my strategy all year round while adapting to the current market trends.