Best Daily Routine of A Profitable Trader


During day trading, many mistakes can occur. This is often caused by an information overload, which can cause you to panic and became overly aggressive. If you want to get funding and become professional trader, you will need to develop a routine. It helps you avoid the most common mistakes that occur in a trading day. Here is an example of a routine of a pro trader.

Wake Up Early

If you want to get funding and make money, the first step is to wake up before 6 AM. You are already a step ahead of the competition. It will give you more concentration and help you accomplish your tasks faster since there are fewer distractions.

Place Yourself in the Right State of Mind

For those who wish to be a successful funded trader, think of at least three things you appreciate in this world. It will help to attract positive energy and set a good tone for the day. As it is said, a single positive thought can positively affect your entire day.


A bit of exercise in the morning will energize your body and boost your mood to help you get through the day. You do not need to visit the gym to get some exercise. A simple jog or a few pushups in the morning are enough. If you are not good at exercising, try a quick 15-minute workout. It will make a huge difference.


Meditating is quite relaxing. It is a process where you clear your mind and it has several benefits. It gives you concentration, calms your mind, and gives you clarity. Besides that, it improves communication and reduces your stress. You can meditate before or after you work out. It will depend on what you prefer.

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Eat Healthy in the Morning

Breakfast is the day’s most important meal. Thus, you must choose something healthy that will give your brain and body the fuel it needs to keep you going. There are huge benefits to eating healthy in the morning. It can reduce blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Nutritionists recommend that you have breakfast about two hours after you wake up.

Analyse the Market

Check out the latest news in the market. Is there anything that happened overnight, which would affect the open trades? Adjust the stop loss and update the trading journal where necessary.

Review the Trading Plan

Review the plan and rules you use in your trading plan. Is there any chance for you to enter in the chosen period and the pair of choice? Does it fit your plan? If true, then you can enter a trade. Otherwise, avoid it until you feel things have gotten better.


Become a funded trader can be smooth sailing if you have a routine. However, if you join the Funded Trader Program without a routine; you will find it hard to become professional trader. No matter how smart you are or how good you are at analysis, the Funded Trader Program will not help you much if you keep making mistakes due to lack of a routine.