AudaCity Capital new traders community App

ابدأ الآن

We are pleased to announce we have launched a new traders community platform, the AudaCity Capital app, available on Apple App Store, Google Play and Desktop. The AudaCity Capital app is a go-to app for social networking amongst traders. One of the UK’s top 3 prop-trading firms, AudaCity Capital, has launched an app that connects and unifies traders from all over the world.

Discuss the different aspects of the market from FX to gold with other traders from across the globe with an easy-to-use platform, designed to allow people to join a community with like-minded people traders in one place to share ideas, news and learn from each other.

Find friends or meet other traders from every continent. We help traders keep connected and reach success by sharing tips, advice information about the FX market. With our simple and user-friendly layout, you will be able to access:

• Join a trading community

• An online chatroom and personal messaging

• Create and participate in groups

• Ability to have a personal profile with followers and following

• Post textual and visual content such as photos, videos and polls Chat privately or become a part of something bigger with our groups and messaging feature.

Follow your friends alongside the many traders scattered across the globe to hear their thoughts and direction. Customise your own personal profile with a picture, description, location and more to allow people to find you, engage with you and create life-long relationships. Engage with the trading community with links, photos, videos and polls.

The AudaCity Capital app makes the connection between traders easy and simple with just the click of a button.

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