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AudaCity Capital Traders Interviews

Thank you for booking your interview with Audacity Capital. We aim to try share your journey as a trader with our viewers who may want to enter the industry or simply need tips or advice.

Below are examples of a few questions we may ask you during your interview:

Þ Introduce yourself!
Þ How long have you been a trader, and what sent you down that path?
Þ When and how did you learn to trade successfully?
Þ In brief, what is your trading strategy?
Þ What is your track record in terms of performance? Share your results!
Þ Tell us about your experience with AudaCity Capital and your chosen program.
Þ Do you have any feedback for AudaCity Capital?
Þ What are the most difficult and best days you have had in your trading career?
Þ Has trading helped you to become a better person in life?
Þ Has AudaCity Capital’s opportunities helped you to progress to generate more money
from your trading?
Þ Best advice you can give to someone just starting their trading journey?
Þ What are your future plans in your career?

Before your interview


Please ensure you have a working microphone, camera and have a suitable background (e.g. trading screens). We also suggest you send us a professional picture of yourself to include in the thumbnail of our video, otherwise, we shall use a screenshot from the video.


We look forward to interviewing you!

An example of a typical video interview: