Funded Trader Program

Meet Kasra Karimi from Canada, AudaCity Youngest November Top Trader, he is only 18 year old, he joined the Funded Trader Program recently, he just got his account doubled to 40 K today and cash out his profit without risking a penny from his own money.

Have a read to his story below

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Kasra Karimi, Im currently 18 years old and I started trading 3 years ago at first I lost a lot of money before I became profitable. I’m currently at UBC “University of British Colombia” studying in the field of finance and trading on the side and learning as I go.

In brief, what is you’re trading strategy?

I like to keep my trading simple and my charts clean. They consists of looking at previous supply and demand levels, support and resistance, Fibonacci levels alongside price action . I also look at market structure to identify the trend and capitalise on the moves of the market.

When and how did you learn to trade successfully?

I started trading 3 years ago when I got introduced to trading by one of my friends and after that I fell in love with the markets and its complexities. I learned to trade successfully by going through educational material and specially learning through my experiences. Primarily the key of being able to trade successfully is having a plan and the discipline to follow through with it and treating trading as a business.

What is your track record in terms of performance?

My track record is a 70% win rate compiled from 265 trades where 181 have been winners. I’ve had a 2% drawdown since last month.

Tell us about your experience with Funded Trader Program from AudaCity capital

The experience has been great. I’ve learnt how to manage my risk more efficiently and be more profitable and they have helped me grow as a trader.

How much are you managing now for AudaCity Capital, what the size of the account you started with

I’ve started with 10k now I’m managing 40k.

Do you recommend Audacity to traders?

Yes, it’s very good company if you’re willing to take trading seriously and work very hard and have passion for it then Audacity will be a good choice.

How AudaCity capital opportunity helped you to progress to generate more money from your trading.

Audacity capital has helped me to increase my leverage with greater funds and taught me to manage larger sums of money and stay profitable.