Junior Trader Jamie- Hidden Talents Program

My name is Jamie I have been at Audacity Capital for about three months. I am part of the hidden talents program and I love it; I love the freedom aspect of it. You can do what you want, trade what you want, and I have always had an interest in history and politics, which is what trading is all about; predicting the future based on past and present events. I also have a brother in trading-, who partly inspired me to join.

Why Pick Hidden Talents Program?

I picked Audacity Capital since all the other training brands were too expensive and you did not get much out of it. They charge thousands of dollars for a three-day seminar. With Audacity’s program, you will also get funding for trader after training.

Most Challenging Things

The psychology aspect of it is the most difficult. Trading- can be emotional and learning emotional discipline is what matters most. You need to develop discipline and learn how to manage your risk.

Is Trading- From the Trading- Floor Enjoyable

I would recommend anyone to surround themselves with other traders. You share ideas and you learn how to avoid bad decisions. It makes trading- more fun and you get to learn from others. You become a team, which makes things fun.

Best Advice to Beginners

Be disciplined and get to know yourself. You must also be strict with yourself and do not get down when you get losses and do not get corky when you win. Stay humble and be logical always.