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Since 2012

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We accept traders from all over the world with a profitable strategy and good money management. Please note you need to be at least 18 y.o.

Choose the account size you’re comfortable trading with, proceed to the checkout and as soon as we receive your payment you’ll get an email with the login details and you can start trading on the first demo stage.

As soon as we receive the payment you’ll receive your login details automatically via email.

You have now two options. You can either continue managing the account size you signed in for and share profits 75-25 on a monthly basis or you can request to move onto the Funded Trader Program starting with the account size you passed the challenge on.

You’re entitled to a refund after passing the two phases challenge when you become an Audacity Trader. Your refund will be processed together with your first payout after the first month of trading on a live account.

There are no hidden fees with the Ability Challenge, only a one-off fully refundable fee with no ongoing monthly fees.

To get started, head over to our website and choose your preferred funded trader account size and payment currency. We have removed the monthly subscription fee so after making a one-time payment for the joining fee, your trading account will be accessible right away. If you need assistance with onboarding, you can schedule a call with our dedicated team. On this program, we’re seeking traders with at least 3-6 months of live account trading experience, a demonstrated profitable trading strategy and a strong commitment to trading.

Each time you achieve your 10% target, you have the opportunity to withdraw your profits. Once you’ve hit your target, you can initiate a withdrawal request either through your Trader Dashboard, filling up a request on this link: http://withdrawal.audacitycapital.co.uk/ or by sending an email to [email protected]

We have implemented a minimum trading commitment of only 5 days. Within this period, traders are expected to achieve profitability on at least 3 of those days. This requirement is designed to encourage consistent trading practices, guiding traders towards building a sustainable track record over time.

The joining fee for the Funded Trader Program is a one-time payment that varies depending on the starting capital you select: $7.5k, $15k, or $60k for your initial live trading account. These fees are not intended for profit but rather to cover essential expenses such as data, technology, and administration required to support your trading journey effectively.

ou are permitted to trade a variety of major and cross currency forex pairs, as well as Indices and Gold (XAUUSD), around the clock. This includes popular assets such as DAX, S&P500, US30, and NAS100. This broad range of trading options ensures that you can access diverse markets and opportunities to capitalize on different asset classes.

You can conveniently install MT4 or MT5 on a variety of devices using the following links:
For MT4:https://www.audacitycapital.co.uk/download-mt4/ For MT5:https://www.audacitycapital.co.uk/download-mt5/


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