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With a deep understanding of the market, we believe that the only way to be a winner in our industry is to invest heavily in talented people who want to grow together with us. We are seeking like-minded professionals to develop their skills and enable them to join our team.

%Funded forex Trader Program%
%Funded forex Trader Program%



By creating opportunities from knowledge, we create and pursue opportunities with determination. We ENJOY what we do – and we only do what we ENJOY, with our specialised expertise coupled with years of experience we inspire people to consider new perspectives.

Risk management 3 Days course

This risk management course is designed to help existing and new traders to anticipate risk and deal with it in the right manner. Trading is inherently risky and if you want to become a trader that makes profits, it is important to master risk management.

The course is 3 days long and it will take you from the basics to the advanced levels in risk management.You will learn about managing your risk as well as how to quantify it.

Once you are done, you will have a good understanding of the practices and tools used in risk management. The training course is intensive and it ensures you have an edge over your peers in managing your risk.

The course will look at current trends in managing risk and it will teach you how to minimise risk when trading in the current environment. You will learn how to conjure up effective and creative methods of understanding and managing your risk.


Who Should Take this Class?

This course is great for anyone who wants to become a trader that can convert threats into opportunities to make a profit. It includes project managers, traders, practitioners of risk management, and even consultants.


Course overview

• An introduction to risk management
• How to identify risk
• How to plan risk management
• Analysing the probability of risk
• Qualitative and quantitative methods of analysing risk
• How to respond to risk
• How to monitor risk
• How to control risk



Morning Session

In the first week, you will be introduced to risk management. You learn the basic of managing risk and gain a general overview of what is involved. Besides that, you learn how to plan your risk management process. Planning will entail studying tool and techniques that you can use in the process. At the end of the planning module, you will have the ability to come up with a concrete plan. You then learn how to spot risks and the measures you can use to mitigate the risks you identify. Besides that, you will learn how you can use various techniques and tool to increase your output from this process.


Afternoon session

In this module, you are taught how you can analyse risk and how to use qualitative or quantitative methods. You will also get an in-depth look into the techniques and tools used to analyse risk. Besides that, you will learn what input is needed and the outcome you can expect. Finally, you learn how to respond to, monitor and control risk.

Mindset & Trading Psychology 3 Days Course

Trading psychology is a course that you take in just days. It is designed to get you ready on how to make fast decisions while keeping your emotions in check. Forex trading can bring up a flood of emotions for many people since prices are always rising and dropping in short bursts.

In the course, you will learn how you can control your fear and make great decisions to become a trader. After two weeks, you will learn how you can deal with fear and prevent it from affecting your thinking.

The course uses real-life examples that help to mimic what will happen in the trading session and help the learners to cope when they face such a situation in the future. Instructors with years of experience, who have mastered how to control fear, teach the course. The course is updated often to ensure that you get the best practices in dealing with emotions.

Once you are done, you can focus on what matters. It will help you make good decisions without being a follower of what others are doing. Besides that, you will not be fazed by temporary losses that cause you to make even more mistakes.


Who Should Take This Class?

This is a class for newbies and veterans traders who wish to polish their emotional intelligence.

The Course Covers

• How to trade at a high level of performance
• How to deal with pressure and stress
• Mastering focus and attention
• How to reshape your thinking
• Becoming emotionally intelligent
• How to master the mind-body connection



Morning Session

You learn new ways to boost performance when you trade. Besides that, you are taught strategies on how to make good decisions when you face intense stress and pressure. It is all about training your mind and body to develop resilience in the face of pressure.
In this session, you also learn practical approaches that help you master concentration. You learn how to avoid distractions and become self-disciplined. Part of the training is on self-control to keep you self-aware.

Afternoon session

In this session, you learn about how to reshape your mindset in order to perceive situations and switch up your trading. You will learn how you can think out of the box and create strategies that increase your performance.
The session will teach you how to keep trading decisions and emotions separate. You learn how to listen to your gut feeling even when facing huge losses. Besides that, you learn approaches to help you create limits so that you are not over-excited when you start making wins. Lastly, you will learn how to stay healthy, which is important to become a trader.

Introductory to Trading 3 Days Course
This introductory course on financial trading is a comprehensive program that will give lessons on the basics of trading, Intermarket charts analysis, and technical analysis of financial markets. During the course, you will learn about using the MT4 trader.
You will also learn how to identify trends with the use of incorporated charting packages and how to manage risk using powerful trading strategies.

The mentor of this course is the Head of Trading and Development. He has achieved a lot of success in trading and he has a lot of self-confidence and experience. He aims to share his experience with juniors or people with less experience.


Course Outline

How you can apply the keys daily, come up with unbreakable psychology, and earn money that you deserve and come up with more opportunities that benefit you when you trade on the market.
How the pros in the current trading market think so that you can learn how you avoid the mistakes so that you can start a successful trading career.

Techniques, which major traders use to avoid being swayed by emotions and engage in revenge trading.

How you can apply techniques to create strategies that enable you to increase your adaptability as market conditions change.


Who Can Become a Trader?

The short answer is that anyone can become a trader. However, some people are naturally good at it while some require time to hone your skill. The most important thing for those who wish to become a trader is to have a passion for it. To avoid picking up bad habits from early on, you should focus on getting the right skills early.Once you pick up bad trading habits, dropping them can be quite hard. Whether you are a college student, a high school teacher, or you work for someone in the trading world, you can become an independent trader with a good trading course.

If you believe that you are ready to learn how you can make your money work better for you, this is the right course for you to join. It is all about having the willingness to go the extra mile to achieve more in your life. If you wish to become a great trader, you should contact us using the details provided below. You may also fill out our online form found on our site.

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